Good Samaritan Turtle Keeps Neighbors Afloat

4 09 2009
Copyright - Darren Hoyt

Copyright - Darren Hoyt

I’m about a year late in finding this, but thought I’d share this pic from Darren Hoyt and Wistar Watts Murray, who found a few critters waiting out a rainstorm in a swimming pool drain.  This good Samaritan turtle lent his height to his frog and spider companions to keep them above water until they were found.  Very admirable, but I must say I would’ve eaten the spider if given the chance…at least if it weren’t so big and scary.

Aimee Pearson's Tattoo, Courtesy of the Daily Progress

Apparently one California woman found this story so inspirational that she had the image tattooed on her back, an act which earned her an article in Charlotteville, North Carolina’s Daily Progress and a  place in last December’s Tattoo News Review.

The oddest thing this story teaches us?  There’s a Tattoo News Review.

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