It’s official. Turtles make the best bloggers!

18 08 2009

This is great!  I was just searching my name on Bing to see how my SEO was doing, and I found a blog post titled “Wanna be a great blogger?  Be a turtle!” Glad to know turtles have a natural advantage in the blogging world.  🙂

And even better, searched my name on Google and guess what the #1 result is….me!  One of these days it will be my blog rather than my Twitter feed listed, but this is a great start.

Google Top Listing

I’m still looking for more ways to boost traffic to the blog.  I’ve linked to my Twitter account, set up a Google Profile, listed the blog on Blog Catalog, posted on related blogs, and done some reading on blogging strategies and SEO, but in the end I think it will come down to quality content and patience.  I’ve gotten some questions from readers on how to raise turtles, so hopefully I can start sharing some knowledge about turtle-keeping (uh, me-keeping) in addition to my technological pursuits and social commentary.  And then there’s always the matter of figuring out why humans enjoy wiggling their fingers so much when they’re near glass…

I love getting suggestions and questions for the blog.  Keep them coming!

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Let the blogging begin…

5 08 2009

IMG_1986Have been meaning to start my blog for some time, but I guess I just move slower than some.  Also having difficulties since I’m using a friend’s computer which is kind of a hassle to get to.  Searching ebay for a used submersible laptop with a wireless card, but so far no luck.  Please pass along any leads.