IMG_2013Yes, I’m a turtle.
Yes, I blog.

Call me Ishmael.  Or BlogTurtle.  Or Michaela.  I’m red-eared slider turtle, born in New York’s Chinatown but raised in Vermont, where the cold weather could stunt anyone’s growth.  My size has caused some confusion about my gender over the years among the human crowd, which has now decided to call me Michaela rather than Michaelangelo.

I moved to the Boston area a couple of years ago, where I currently share a tank with two schools of minnows and have plenty of other critters as housemates, including enough fish, shrimp, snails, and aquatic plants to fill three other tanks, and a couple of humans to boot.


I’ve taken to blogging lately as a way to connect with the world outside my tank, which is frankly rather annoying to get to in any non-virtual sense.  That in mind, I’m on a quest to find the perfect waterproof, wifi-enabled laptop in order to minimize unnecessary excursions to internet cafes.  And if along the way my posts make me a famous writer and my video blogs turn into a film career, I won’t complain.  What more can a girl(?) dream of?

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2 responses

17 08 2009

Hi, Michaela! First off, great blog, fun to read about modern life from a turtle’s perspective. Second, why don’t you hire a stenographer? Then you can just write like scuba divers do, with a crayon on plastic, and have them transcribe it for you – might be easier than worrying about waterproof WiFi. Also, looks like you have a nice setup – you should share more pics of your pad! I’m looking into upgrading my Eastern Painted soon and I am looking for tips on how to do it cost-effectively. Her name is Jade, she looks a bit bigger than you, but you’ll probably outgrow her soon.



20 08 2009

Thanks for the positive feedback, Jake! Appreciate the crayon suggestion and have been thinking it through…just posted my reaction at http://wp.me/pBVr1-2r. I’m working on taking some more pics of my tank so I can share some tips on turtle-keeping supplies. Check back for more info.

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