Let the blogging begin…

5 08 2009

IMG_1986Have been meaning to start my blog for some time, but I guess I just move slower than some.  Also having difficulties since I’m using a friend’s computer which is kind of a hassle to get to.  Searching ebay for a used submersible laptop with a wireless card, but so far no luck.  Please pass along any leads.




2 responses

20 08 2009

welcome to the blogosphere!! – not too many pet turtle blogs out here – hope you keep it up

how about a waterproof keyboard? one of those vinyl roll-up ones with a long cable to a computer outside your tank?

20 08 2009

Awesome suggestion! I’ve actually been trying to figure out the keyboard issue since I found the perfect desktop (http://wp.me/pBVr1-J ), which obviously won’t fit in the tank. Any ideas on the mouse front? I suppose it’s technically possible to work without a mouse if I tab around enough, but it’s pretty annoying. Thanks for the warm welcome…definitely a shortage of turtle bloggers but I’ve just found a bunch of turtles on Twitter.

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